Why Most People Valuing Opinions Over Books

Lap Lap
2 min readDec 3, 2023
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In recent discussions, a rather intriguing standpoint has emerged: some believe that reading books is a waste of time. I respect this opinion, despite finding it quite peculiar. What’s notably ironic is the despair with which some individuals express this view.

These individuals, who dismiss reading as futile, often exert considerable effort in persuading others to read their comments or posts. It’s a curious contradiction: they denounce the value of books, yet they insistently seek engagement with their own written words. In some cases, their messages are lengthy and sent repeatedly until they receive a response.

This behavior leads to a thought-provoking question: why do they find their own words worthy of attention, yet dismiss the value found in published books? It suggests a deeper issue at play — perhaps a misunderstanding of what reading truly offers.

Reading books is more than just consuming words; it’s an exploration into different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. It’s a journey that stretches beyond the confines of our immediate environment. While the digital age has certainly changed the way we consume information, the intrinsic value of a well-written book remains undiminished.

In contrast, the transient nature of online comments and posts often lacks the depth and thoughtfulness found in books. While these digital interactions are valuable in their own right, they cannot fully replace the insights and wisdom that books offer.

Therefore, dismissing books as a waste of time seems to overlook the broader picture. It’s not just about the act of reading but what we gain from it: empathy, knowledge, and an expanded worldview. Perhaps the irony is that those who write off reading books might benefit the most from picking one up and exploring its pages.

In conclusion, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s important to recognize the unique value that books bring to our lives. They are not just vessels of words but gateways to understanding, offering a richness that transient digital content cannot always provide.



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