Smart Way To Counter “DAME” When Being Teased Ungratefully

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2 min readJul 21, 2022
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If you’ve been in a situation where you’re getting teased as ungrateful, and that’s not something that you should take, then there are some steps to take to help with this.

First things first, know that this person is looking for a response from you.

If the best thing for them is get an insult from someone else, they’re going to do it.

You may hear things like “you don’t appreciate what I gave” or “I can’t believe how rude you are”.

Now, these insults are just going to make your day worse but remember: It doesn’t matter what they say because it’s not true.

The only thing that matters is how you reply to it, and here are a few points as to how you can respond:

1. Never let them get to you. It may feel like your anger is building but just know that it’s what they want.

2. If they go on rants about how rude you are, and asks why do you always do that, then the best thing to do is simple: Just say “Stop”.

I see so many people getting worked up about their situation or the insults being said, but if it’s not getting worse for them then just stop caring about it as opposed to reacting irrationally towards it.

3. If the person keeps telling you that it’s not true and you keep believing them. Don’t apologize for how you feel; just let them have their way.

4. If the person doesn’t care then don’t force them to care either. It’s ungrateful to whine about it and try to convince people that they’re wrong or be a stubborn fool to insist on things being different if they’re not.

5. If they ask what you want, then all you need is a very short reply such as “Nothing.” or “Nothing” (as said in the first response).

All of these points should help you with being ungrateful when you’re getting Teased ungrateful. It may seem like the insults are a hard thing to deal with but there’s no need to make it worse for yourself.

Remember, if the person is continuing this kind of behavior then showing your side of good manners to them will help more in the long run.



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