How Not Understanding Complexity Can Cost You ( The Price of Ignorance)

4 min readMay 1, 2023

Many people have asked me whether I want to study business and what book I should read to understand how to invest. And in the department of life, it is not difficult to encounter such questions.

I pointed them to the bookstore, wanting to know what field, and read all the books in that field, for example, learning to invest, reading investment books, learning securities, and reading securities books.

And in these areas, there are hardly any books. This book will help you understand something in a very short time. Yes, because how can we become good at just reading books?

Because if you want the simple, you have to take the complicated.

People who are hurried never achieve.

That means, for example, if you want to be good at investing, you read this book a little, the book is a little different, maybe you have less knowledge about it and you have to learn from those who went before, practice investing,….. you will have to learn slowly, slowly, and have to learn a lot.

Not only that, you want to learn to invest, but only in a book. That’s absurd, because every book, no matter how much it’s written, represents only one side of that field. And when I say here, there are many…




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