9 Rich Person Behaviors That Poor People Get Judged For

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5 min readSep 25, 2021
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You would think that the rich are applauded for their wealth and success, but people often run into conflict when they seem entitled or comfortable. The last thing you want to be is seen as a snob and not take care of those less fortunate than you. But rich person behaviors fall under the spectrum of social norms and expectations, so it might be difficult to avoid slipping up. Poor people may cry an embarrassing amount or order expensive drinks at your favorite hangout spot because they’re used to always being left out even though they were just as broke until recently too. Here are 9 common rich person behaviors that poor people get judged for.

1. No Plan For Their Financial Future

If you’re making a decent salary but do not have a plan for saving away any money for the future, you could be considered lazy. This is because the lack of planning puts your money at risk to job loss, medical expenses or other unexpected events that can greatly disrupt your financial situation. Just because someone’s income has been stagnant, doesn’t mean they don’t still have a responsibility to prepare for their future. It’s not fair to let it fall on someone else after all the time they have put in to being lucky so far.

2. Not Taking Advantage Of Tax Benefits

You are allowed to take advantage of tax benefits, but you have to have money to take advantage of them. If you’ve inherited money, lost a lot of stock during the financial crash or took out loans to help finance your education, it’s okay to use these things as tax write-offs to offset your expenses. Just make sure that you’re taking advantage of the deductions first before using the money for any other purposes. It would be like your money running away if you want to invest it into stocks and other investments that may not pay off later on.

3. Inattentive Staffing Staffing

In an ideal world, employees should be competent at their job. Even if you’re paying them well and giving them a flexible schedule, they should still be able to do a good job for you. It’s important that whoever is working for you actually does a good job so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to replace them…



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