15 Signs He’s Probably Dreaming About You Right Now

Lap Lap
6 min readJan 17, 2022

If you want to know whether or not the guy you like is dreaming about you, there’s a way to find out. It might sound unorthodox and even a bit creepy, but it’s for sure worth trying if it means finding out the truth.

Follow these 15 signs he’s probably dreaming about you right now and find out for yourself.

What are 15 signs that someone is dreaming about me?

How do I find out?

What do they mean?

Here’s what we know: our brainwaves change when we sleep. They change patterns and amplitudes according to our dreams and what we’re thinking about in those dreams.

What are the signs that someone is dreaming about you? They could be in the dream state, thinking about you even if they don’t realize it.

1. He’s thinking about you in his sleep.

When you’re dreaming, your brain is constantly sending signals to your sleeping brain.

Those signals are the ones that help us generate dreams, so they affect us while we dream.

However, it turns out that those signals are more powerful than we think: they can have real consequences on our waking brains.

Dreaming about someone causes a change in your sleeping brain waves (EEG), just like when you’re awake and thinking about them.

You’ll be able to see this on your sleep monitor or with a 100% accurate arousal system like the DreamEgg.

2. He twitches.

When you dream, your body also sends out signals. The brain interprets those signals in order to generate the dream, and that’s how we move in our dreams.

Those movements are pretty subtle, mostly affecting the hands and legs. When you sleep next to someone, they’ll be able to feel those small movements of your body even if you’re asleep.

When your boyfriend is dreaming about you, he might twitch on your side of the bed or near it especially if he has a nightmare about you.

3. He makes groggy noises.

If you’ve had a nightmare with your crush, you might have heard him say some…



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