15 Reasons Why Saudi Arabia and Russia Have Suddenly Become Best Mates?

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5 min readDec 24, 2023
Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

What’s up, everyone? Have you noticed that Saudi Arabia and Russia seem to be getting awfully friendly lately? I know, it’s kind of weird and unexpected. Weren’t they always on opposite sides during the Cold War? Well, times change and so do geopolitics. I did some digging and found 15 reasons that explain this new bromance between the Saudis and Russians.

They both love oil, and lots of it!

Russia and Saudi Arabia are two of the world’s largest oil producers and exporters. Oil is the lifeblood of their economies. So when oil prices go up, they make bank! But when prices crash, like back in 2014, it’s bad news. So now the Saudis and Russians are cooperating to prop up oil prices by coordinating supply cuts. Gotta look out for your fellow petrostates!

They’ve got beef with the US

For years the US has been allied with Saudi Arabia, selling them weapons and buying their oil. But the relationship has soured lately. The Saudis weren’t happy when the US started getting all chummy with Iran and negotiating the nuclear deal. Russia was also no fan of the Iran deal. And neither country is down with the US sanctions on Russia. Nothing brings people together like shared enemies.

Russia needs cash and Saudi Arabia has got stacks

The Russian economy hasn’t been doing so hot since they got hit with Western sanctions. They need investment and partnerships. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has sovereign wealth funds worth over $1 trillion. The Saudis have been investing heavily in Russian energy and technology projects. An oil bromance is also a money bromance.

Saudi Arabia wants to diversify and Russia makes weapons

For years the Saudis relied on America for military equipment. But recently, in a move to display independence, they’ve been buying more arms from Russia. The Saudis have purchased advanced missile defense systems and anti-tank missiles. Gotta defend yourself when you’ve got beef with Iran and promises of US support are uncertain.

Russia supports Saudi Arabia’s Yemen campaign



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