10 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI And What To Do About It

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5 min readJun 6, 2022
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It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds. It’s expected that more than half of all professions will be replaced by computers in the next 20 years. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to know what careers are on their way out and what you can do about it as an individual.

The following post discusses 10 jobs that will disappear within the next 20 years due to advances in AI and offer strategies for people who hold those jobs or may want them in the future.

1. Paralegals

Paralegals are one of the most numerous professions on the list. With major growth predicted in legal work, paralegals are expected to go extinct every year until 2028. Their primary role is to assist attorneys by monitoring court documents and advising clients about their rights and responsibilities.

Paralegals may also conduct interviews and research on potential witnesses, witnesses’ family members, and medical records for the purpose of preparing a case for trial. In addition to assisting lawyers, paralegals can also be involved in resolving day-to-day disputes with clients like scheduling appointments among other things.

2. Lawyers

Like paralegals, lawyers will also go extinct in the next 20 years with the expectation that over 50% of their tasks will be automated by then. The primary role of lawyers is to enforce laws, provide legal advice to clients, and represent the interests of clients in court proceedings.

Lawyers can also draft agreements and prepare legal documents for other legal professionals to use. Their work also involves investigations into issues related to law enforcement or criminal activity among other things. These activities will continue even as AI advances and takes over more of the workloads of lawyers.

3. Human Resource Managers

The role of HR managers is expected to shrink as computers become better at managing human resources in the future. HR managers conduct employee interviews and record the information to form a profile of their workforce. Their primary job is to make human resources into an…

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